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Vaughn and Rose Young are a power couple and entrepreneurs, with goal is to is to expand reentry and transitional services to all who experienced setbacks to thrive as positive, contributing members of society.

Vaughn is a Youth Mentor, Re-entry Specialist, Career, Life & Manhood Empowerment Coach. Vaughn was born in Philadelphia and raised in Liberty City of Miami, Florida. He served nearly 5 years in federal prison in 2001, living his wife and three young children. Vaughn successfully transitioned back into society by applying the necessary keys to transforming his mind, which in turn directed his life to understanding manhood, being a better husband, father and mentor to many. Vaughn is the poster-child for re-entry and the Chief Executive Officer for TOP, Inc. He believes "everyone has the potential to learn the game of life but some may need some coaching through the process". 

Rose Young  is Recovery Counselor, Coach, Business Communication Services provider, Published Author & Youth Mentor. She was born in Nassau, Bahamas and raised in Liberty City, one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami, Florida. As a child, she experienced firsthand how living haphazardly and without vision can be a detriment to your future. Today she uses her life experiences to empower and inspire youth and women to live a purposeful life by using their personal power to dream big and achieve greatness.

The two pride themselves on being servants leaders to the community and inspiring others that we are here together on purpose.  


What We Do...

DREAM-MOBILE Resource Unit is the most effective solution for reducing recidivism, unemployment and homelessness; empowering our participants to make sustainable personal changes that positively impact society. 


Service Portfolio

TOP, Inc offers members a valuable portfolio of services that can enhance the quality of their lives. Our program provides cutting-edge training to help dislocated and disadvantaged workers secure and maintain employment through an accelerated five-week curriculum that includes computer literacy, résumé writing, mock interviewing, academic course work and financial literacy. Program graduates receive one-on-one job coaching to hone their interpersonal and technical skills to increase their marketability to potential employers.


Our services portfolio provides value-based and results-oriented programs in the following areas:

  • Workforce Readiness

    • Interview Preparation and Coaching

Our clients are referred to us by community and social service agencies when the candidate has completed a job training program and has a scheduled job interview. We work with him to review his resume, the environment and culture in which the interview will take place and offer specific tips and tools to help him overcome any potential obstacles.

  • Dress to make the right first impression, we work one-on-one with each D.R.E.A.M. participant to provide him with an entire interview-appropriate outfit and branding consulting services. At the initial suiting, each client receives a personalized fitting of attire options based on the interview setting. More than 90% of the clothing we provide is new, generously donated by manufacturers and designers. The remainder is gently used clothing that has been donated by individuals and is in excellent condition. 
  • Leadership & Personal Development

    • Leadership & Personal Development Series provides skills that focus on the professional and emotional state of the participants who are engaging in life-changing experiences. The curriculum of the program is divided into four main developmental categories: employment, finances, parenting and life skill & balance. Examples of workshops include Interview Tips & Skills, Credit Repair, Conflict Resolution and Men’s Health.

    • As a group program, the Leadership & Personal Development Series provides an environment that promotes participation, discussion, accountability, personal development, leisure/recreation and spirituality. Sessions are held in the evenings and are facilitated by professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to provide meaningful experiences to all participants. The program is divided into two phases, and placement is determined by participation, skill level, commitment and the review of data.

  • Re-entry MENtoring

    • Provide positive role models, and building adult communication skills and fostering community relationships. Re-entry MENtoring Series participants are paired with expert mentors/coaches for six months, meeting bi-weekly for at least an hour. Participants are challenged with specific tasks such as: revising resumes, refining Internet-based job searches, preparing for a workplace evaluation, creating weekly budgets, credit and debt management, addressing child-support orders, engaging in healthy lifestyles and working with banks and creditors.

    If you are interested in serving as a mentor please contact us at info@DREAMsReBranded.org.

Scholarship for Mentees

Promising young men who become members of the MENtoring, graduate from high-school with a minimum of a B plus average, and need financial assistance will be eligible to apply for an academic scholarship from the Together On Purpose Community, Inc.

Contact us today to learn more about our Academic Scholarship or Donation opportunities for promising young men!

Think Up with Rose -TOP Sober Living 

Together On Purpose (T.O.P.) -Sober Living creates an environment that encourages residents, and prepares them for the next step in their recovery and independent living.


·        Providing a safe, supportive, and structured living environment

·        Supported by Recovery/ Life Coaching Services team

·        Helping build solid foundations and relationships for a purpose-driven, fulfilled future

·        Focused on recovery and long term sobriety

 Our sober living facilities offer 3 levels of services to help our residents overcome their obsession with drugs/alcohol and challenges of reintegration to society as productive leaders, while being in an environment that enables them to help themselves as well as others. 


  •  Affordable -T.O.P. - Sober Living provides all utilities. (Sober living homes in the state of Florida averagely charge close to $225 per week.) 

  • Staffed 24 hours (House and Operations Managers/ Overnight Manager)

  • Combination with housing and recovery coaching (with residents)

  • Shared meals, with snacks food provided

  • Random Drug and Alcohol Screening

  • Transportation (first 2 weeks of stay at cost)

  • Near to public transportation

  • Onsite laundry facilities

  • Onsite workout room/equipment

  • Physical training

  • Recreational activities

  • Introduction to local 12 step meetings/fellowship

  • Peer support groups

  • Life skills training

  • Mental health referrals

  • Art therapy

  • Spirituality

  • Assistance with finding employment/volunteer opportunities

  • Individual coaching *request consultation 

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